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David's Battle Circuit DBC, model RC2HL

The DBC is a Tamiya compatible battle circuit for Heng Long S&S tanks. It allows Heng Long owners to particpiate in battles using infrared "bullets" on an equal footing with Tamiya Full-Option tanks equipped with Tamiya Battle Units (TBU), complete with simulated damage affecting speed and variable weight classes. In addition, the DBC offers momentum simulation, and options to disable the "super-spin" feature and recoil while firing. A DBC requires either an Tamiya TBU, or a DBU sensor if battling is desired. A DBC is available in kit form.

This model of DBC (DBC RC2HL) works with the stock Heng Long Smoke&Sound ESC&sound board (TK-RX13/TK-RX14/TK-RX18) and almost any standard 4-5 channel RC TX/RX on 27mhz, 40mhz, 50mhz, 72mhz, 75mhz, 900mhz, 2.4ghz (not all frequencies may be legal in your location), including Futaba, Hitec, Spektrum, JR, and others.
While I cannot guarantee compatibility with every RX out there, the DBC RC2HL does *not* suffer from the low voltage signal problem that affects many RC accessories used with 2.4ghz systems, and it works great with the RC gear I have on hand. No problems have been reported so far by any users.

Note that the DBC-RC2HL still requires a good quality radio signal...a marginal radio installation may result in erratic and undesired behavior. Shortened or coiled antennas, or receivers placed next to motors will have a significant effect upon range and reliability.
Now available: assembled DBC-RC2HLkits. Availability may vary. All instructions are the same, except the units are pre-built and have connector pins installed.


Operation Manual
Build Instructions
Build instructions for DBU kit
Instructions for connecting to the TK-RX18 board

DBC-RC2HL board

Features for current version:

  • Four channels minimum
  • Controls:
    1. Throttle
    2. Steering
    3. Turret rotation
    4. Gun
      • -full up: elevation cycles
      • -part up: MG fires
      • -part down: airsoft cycles and fires
      • -full down: main cannon (and IR firing)
      • Five channel mode offers engine shutdown features and more granular control of gun
      • Other radio channels can be used outside of the DBC (e.g. light controls or servo animated mechanics
  • Engine startup is handled by blipping full throttle. The Engine will shutdown if the radio signal is lost, and will startup again once it's found. Battling is disabled when the engine gets shutdown. Note that 2.4ghz & PCM radios will continue providing a signal in "fail-safe" mode and the engine may only be killed by using the five channel mode.
  • 3 sound triggers (fire, hit, destroyed) for optional sound card(s) [1-2 card optional].
  • Accepts hits using Tamiya standard signal and lights up "hit" LEDs
  • Fires IR shots with or without standard recoil and sound.
  • Output for cannon recoil servo
  • LED Cannon flash
  • Momentum/inertia option
    • -affected by weight class
    • -slow acceleration
    • -coasts to a stop
    • -soft braking (partial opposite stick)
    • -hard braking (full opposite stick)
  • Super Spin disable option
    • -disables super spin completely
    • -allows much smoother control of skid-turning at low speeds and when accelerating into a turn from rest
  • Radio failsafe: sets tank to neutral after losing radio signal for ~1/3second
  • Remote config after power on (until engine started)
    • -can (en/dis)able Momentum
    • -can (en/dis)able Super Spins
    • -can (en/dis)able Recoil Blocking
    • -useful for having "realistic" motion for recreational driving, but full capability when battling
    • -useful for disabling momentum when driving in confined spaces (protects fragile add-ons)
    • -can (en/dis)able recoil blocking
    • -options saved during startup
  • IR input & hit LEDs interface compatible with Tamiya "apple"/TBU.
  • IR output compatible with standard IR LED (including Tamiya's)
  • Adjustable weight classes (superlight, light, medium, heavy) set by jumpers, which affects
    • -varied damage settings
    • -reduction in speed as damage increases
    • -timed reload
    • -15 seconds from death to mobility (engine shuts down on destruction, restarts and ready to move after 15s)
    • -temporary invulnerability after death in seconds
ClassReload time50% speed at X25% speed at XDestroyed at XMomentumInvulnerability
Super Light2 sec111minimal20 sec
Light3 sec123little15 sec
Medium5 sec135medium12 sec
Heavy9 sec159lots!10 sec