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IR Remote Control

This is a infrared system for remote control, based upon work by Andy Birkett (http://www.gaspode.co.uk) and Koichi Tanaka (http://www.cityfujisawa.ne.jp/~toko/pic/). I call it IR2. Some of the original code is included in this package for reference. Also visit: www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=24711 and http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=138578 for some of the truly excellent contributions from others.

The only real differences between this code and its predecessors is that this code is in assembler, and supports 4 channels on 16F630 PICs. I have some intentions of adding some features as time permits, and if anybody requests anything.

Consider this code stable Beta. I've tested the RX code pretty throughly on 12F6XXs and 16F630s, but only have a Hitec (Futaba compatible) TX, so I don't know if the RX and TX code for the other types of TXes functions correctly. Feel free to submit corrections to darkith at canada dot com.

Download v1.0
Initial release

Download v1.1b
Added option to use 2 8pin PICS together for a four channel RX
Included two sample PCBs for a 16F630 RX with Rudder and Throttle configured as ESCs
BUGFIX: IR2_tx.asm would not use 38khz modulation due to typo (f38k should be f38K). Thanks to Jonas.
BUGFIX: IR2_tx.asm would not use 38khz modulation due to 2nd typo (f38k should be f38K). Thanks to Uwe. (I obviously don't use 38khz myself ;)
Added INVERTED_SIGNAL option to IR2_tx.asm, for JR TXs which output an inverted signal.

Download v1.1c
Added DOUBLEUP option, to use spare outputs on 16F630 for twice the current on ELE and RUD when not using FET drivers.

Note: looks like 12c509A support is broken...I might fix it if I have time, but in the meanwhile, 12F6XX's are usually cheaper anyway (and reflashable)