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IZ9: 900mhz Plantraco compatible RX
The IZ9: this is a basic micro actuator RX compatible with Plantraco's 900mhz system (at least the 900mhz AirModel2 I have). It supports 3 actuators and a built in brushed ESC. The code was built more as an exercise and is not optimized, but it is flyable. The ESC PWM is particularly lazy, and jitters occasionally. I have flown my "sorta carbon butterfly" with it just fine. I intend to fix this up someday..but have published it in the meantime for reference and to see if anyone else is interested in it. I can't guarantee that the information is all correct, but it seems to work for me!
If you find any of this information useful, I'd appreciate a credit in the footnotes :).

The IZ9 uses the same RX circuitry as my "diyuhf" system, including the schematics and board artwork. There's no TX at this point, but it should be relatively easy to code a buddy-box style one using the "diyuhf" schematic and codebase...

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