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David's Battle Circuit (DBC) & David's Battle Unit (DBU)

The DBC is a Tamiya compatible battle circuit for Heng Long S&S tanks. It allows Heng Long owners to particpiate in battles using infrared "bullets" on an equal footing with Tamiya Full-Option tanks equipped with Tamiya Battle Units (TBU), complete with simulated damage affecting speed and variable weight classes. In addition, the DBC offers momentum simulation, and options to disable the "super-spin" feature and recoil while firing. A DBC requires either an Tamiya TBU, or a DBU sensor if battling is desired. A DBC is available in kit form.
There are two versions of the DBC:

  • DBC HL: (previously known as just the "DBC") For use with stock Heng Long Smoke&Sound electronics and radio.
  • DBC RC2HL: For use with the stock Heng Long Smoke&Sound ESC/sound baord, and standard 4-5 channel RC TX/RX (27mhz, 40mhz, 50mhz, 72mhz, 75mhz, 900mhz, 2.4ghz). Great for replacing the stock 27mhz radio with your own computer radio, and permits more tanks to battle together!

The DBU is a TBU compatible IR detector and hit indicator. It can be mounted on Tamiya Full Option tanks, or on DBC equipped Heng Long tanks. It is available in kit form, and requires the user to provide their own connecting and mounting hardware. Sunlight filtering or horizontal baffling is recommended for outdoor use.

As of Jan 15, 2011, all new DBC orders are shipping with enhanced code to permit better mobility when damaged. A replacement CPU chip with the enhanced code can be purchased for older DBCs for $12/each. Contact me for details.

For a fully operational battling tank, most users will need:
  • 1 DBC (either model, depending on radio)
  • 1 DBU or 1 TBU (preferred by some clubs for standarization)
  • 1 Sound Card (optional)

Also available are DBC-3 units, designed to offer superb sound quality and compatibility with hobby grade radios, in a preassembled package. Available exclusively from BattleArmorRC

Current Kit Prices & Approximated Stock Availability:

Unfortunately, due to high demand, I've had to raise the price on DBUs ordered without a DBC. I really only started producing them for use with the DBC, so they were priced at a "breakeven" point. With people purchasing them for use with other systems and the increased cost of gas to drop things off at the post office, I'm loosing money on DBU orders.

ItemPrice $USDAvailableNote
DBC-HL kits $35Limited stock
DBC-RC2HL kits $40Limited stock
DBC-RC2HL assembled $50Out of stock
DBU kits$15 when purchased with
any DBC ($30 otherwise)
Limited stock
Sound chips $15Out of stock (no ETA)
S&H in North America is $10USD for up to approximately 6 items.
Contact me for International or large orders.
Payment by Paypal

To order, email me at
darkith /@/ gmail \dot\ com (remove the slashes and replace "dot" with a period)
Kit orders are done in batches, depending on demand, and may take several weeks if not in stock. Occasionally, an order of kits will sell out before it arrives, so ordering even when stock is not available is recommended.

Policy: Note that these units are KITS and require the assembler to have basic soldering skills and tools. A voltmeter is handy for testing.

This is a hobby/side business of mine, it make take several days for me to package an order and drop it off at the postoffice.

Due to the kit nature of these products, all sales are final!!! The end user is responsible for all assembly and testing, and any damage done to the kits during this phase. At my discretion, I may replace questionable parts. If you ask nicely, I will assist in debugging, or perform hands on testing (shipping at buyer's cost). Most users with some soldering experience can handle these kits, but if you do not agree with these policies, please do not order. You may want to consider ordering an assembled kit (see above).
Shipping costs include the cost of packaging, padding, tape, and my time/effort to fill out customs declarations and drop them off at the post office.
HL PzIII against FO Tamiya Sherman